Welcome to FlickLit!

Hello and Welcome to FlickLit!

We are an amateur erotic creative-writing forum, where like-minded adults can create, share and discuss erotic fiction. There’s a category to post your home-grown stories, as well as areas to talk about your favourite erotica, and there’ll be a big community section too (with lots of chat and games in).

We hope this will be a positive and supportive environment for anyone who already enjoys writing or reading erotic fiction, as well as providing a great source of inspiration/motivation for those who want to start.

At the moment, the forum rules are the default ones that come with the forum, but they cover the basics. :slight_smile: These will be updated soon. In the meantime, I just want to highlight a few important points:

  • This is an over-18s site. That means that all members need to be over-18 to participate, and none of the stories submitted can contain any under-18 characters.

  • The topics in the Erotic Fiction category (Erotic Fiction) are visible to account-holders only, so we can noodle away on our works-in-progress without feeling like the entire internet is watching. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • This is not a hook-up site, or one for indulging in sexting. The stories should be arousing, but the conversation should be friendly and welcoming. :slightly_smiling_face: Feel free to compliment the writing, but please don’t use the forums as a sex-chat board.

  • We also have a ‘No Sharing Contact Info’ policy. Please don’t share phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook/Twitter handles, etc, etc. We want everyone to stay safe, and keep the chat here on the boards. :+1:


  • We intend for all copyrights to remain with the authors/posters.


  • You can currently upload images to the forum, however please refrain from posting any personal underwear/lingerie photos (including as avatars). As a creative-writing forum we would much prefer the words that you write to set the scene, rather than pictures. :slight_smile:

  • And, of course, no offensive images at all please (nudity, sexual activity, violence, hate speech, etc, etc)

You can post any site suggestions in Forum Feedback, or just start chatting away in Chat. :+1: And there’s also an Introduce Yourself category if you’d like to exchange some pleasantries before you get stuck in. :slightly_smiling_face:

We will be adding some how-to guides to the Forum Feedback category shortly, but if you need any help before then (or in general, really) then you can put an @Ian_Chimp in, and that will give our tech-whizz/moderator a little notification, and they’ll come along and talk you through it.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the boards. xxx


Updated September '21