Category Topics

Erotic Fiction

This is the category for all your Erotic Fiction.


This is the general chat category, for all the conversations that aren’t a piece of erotic fiction. Want to talk about your favourite erotic fiction writers? Write a guide to help others get into the erotic writing flow? Or just chat about what you had for dinner? Then this is the category for you.


The games! A mix of regular forum games, and some more #creative ones to tickle the creative-writing brain cells.

Introduce Yourself

You can pull up a new topic here and introduce yourself for a warm FlickLit welcome.

Forum Feedback

This is the category to make suggestions, give forum feedback, and ask questions about the forum itself. You can also find the Forum Guides here (tagged helpfully with #forum-guide ). If you’re looking for a place to practice all the swish features you can start a topic over in the #sandbox


Welcome to the Sandbox. This is the place you can ask forum how-to questions, or have a no-pressure practice of some of the forum features.