The Spicy Book Club

So, since people seem reasonably up for reading something. does anyone have a preference for a book?
I jammed some suggestions Here. has anyone got a preference or any other suggestions?
Are there any triggers warnings we need to avoid for anyone?

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I’ve not forgotten about this. :+1: I’ve just got such a lot on at the moment that I’m finding it hard to find the brainspace to take on something else. :slightly_frowning_face:

But I am still very interested, and I’m also thinking I’d quite like to write book reviews too.

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No worries. I have been mulling putting one up on the LH forum, but they do sell a few books so i have no idea if that would be ok or not :woman_shrugging:

Some of the first erotic books i read were by Sylvia Day.
Bared to you, and the Crossfire collection.

The arent going to win any prizes for literature, but i preferred them to the 50 shades .

Graphic in places , good situation descriptions in some parts, cringy and cliche’ d in others
Overall easy reading

Ive heard good things about the crossfire books, started the first one and they seem really well written. wasnt in the mood for it just then though so its still on my to read list

Anyone still up for cumulatively reading a book?
@Peitho @Ian_Chimp
Just putting it out there, so no pressure. I know life is a bit mad at the moment for alot of people

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I think it’s a great idea but I just dont get time to read these days (other than forums :woman_facepalming:t2:). I used to get through a novel a week when I lived with my parents but these days life gets in the way. Honestly, I’ve been trying to read Troubled Blood (Sorry not erotica) for more than a year and the only time I made any real headway was when I was trapped in hospital and I loved all her previous Strike novels. It is useless of me but i just don’t think I’d manage to get the reading done.

No worries @Peitho :slight_smile: . Just thought id put it out there

We could always do a novella, if people are more up for that. But i completely understand if finding the time is an issue.
(My local book club meets once a month just to give everyone enough time to read it)

I’m up for it. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::slightly_smiling_face: Name a book and I’ll order it. :+1:

Super :smile: shall we pick a novella? More people might be able to finish it then if everyones buisy.
Charlotte stein has some novella collections i havent read yet, we could try one of those maybe? I really like her stuff

Some possible options.
4 novellas (charlotte stein)
(She has quite a few other collections if people would rather do another. Havent read most of them yet)
(Some Other options by her 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. She’s written a lot of novellas :woman_shrugging: i could go on tbh, these are just the collections. )

Theirs for a night by katee robert
(M/M/F setup. Has M/M in it if thats not anyones cup of tea. Some light bondage and D/s. Stupidly hot)

The stranger by abigail barnette
( m/f one night stand, well written,)

The witches wolves by ellie mae macgregor
(M/m/f fantasy, has werewolves. Fun and a good read)

Man vs machine by lydia sebastian
(M/nb very short. Interesting premise but theres only so much you can shove into 25pages. I liked it though and thought it was fun. Some bdsm.

I mainly prefer full books and finding good quality novellas is hard so these are what ive come across to Any other suggestions.
I know people are strapped for pennies right now. I read all of these digitally (you can probubly find some of them for free if you look in the right places too) and several are on kindle unlimited)
we could do a book (which tend to be better value for money) or find some stuff in literotica if people prefer. But i get lost every time i go on literotical so other people will have to suggest those :+1:
If people would rather do a full book there are suggestions Here

Ps. @Ian_Chimp all links are to goodreads so people can read reviews etc.


I think if we want it to be a regular thing we should perhaps start small to make it feel doable, and to entice more people in. I have quite broad tastes, so as long as its not something horrific I’ll be fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

It could be possible to create a topic per ‘book club’ and give it a book-club tag, so those reading that title later (however later that may be) can add their opinions in, and maybe renew/revive the discussion?

You do seem best placed to be the Club Master, as you’re very well-read on the subject. I’d tentatively say ‘vanilla novella’ to start, but I trust you, so I’ll let you choose the spice level. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, The stranger by abigail barnette
( m/f one night stand, well written, nice characters) is strait up vanilla.
Seems like a good option. Some of katee roberts ones will be vanilla too but i havent read alot of her shorts so cant recommend one in particular (she has written alot of books, im working slowly through them)

Happy to organise. Let me go make a thread for it.


Right, waded back into my digital library and found a decent handfull of m/f vanilla options, so i can do vanilla alts pretty easily. Always good if people feel like having a m/m or kinky option up then i can put something more vanilla up too as an alternative :+1:

I put a bit of a content thig in incase there was anything that might be triggering, wont be able to do this if we put one up i havent read so i’ll try and post any trigger warnigs i can for them

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