Site Glitches

Report any site glitches here, and I’ll see what magic I can weave to smooth them out. :glitch_blob: :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a draft of a follow up, but it seems to have gone. Could this be anything to do with your changes.?

It shouldn’t have? None of the settings I changed are connected to drafts/replies.

I’ve had a dig around in the tables, and I can see a draft in there. Does it begin, “I woke the next morning , in much the same position we had drifted off to sleep”?

The version in the backend has extra gumph in it, but I’ve tried to tidy it up. I’ll message you a copy. :+1:

@Ian_Chimp . Thank you…where was it ? Was it just me not being tech savy.?

I checked your draft page, but it didn’t show up for me either (not sure if that’s a quirk or a glitch as I haven’t tried before :slightly_smiling_face:). So I used the data explorer for a deeper dive, and pulled it straight from the database.

There’s one in there for you as well @New2. I’ll send you a copy just in case you’re experiencing a similar glitch. :+1:

I’ve just tested with a couple of new drafts, and they seem to be showing up for me. Hopefully it was a temporary snafu. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s also a limerick in there @Iwill. Is that one showing up on your drafts page?

No the limerick isnt either.

I’ll send it along. :+1:

Could you create a new draft and see if it’s working for you now, just to be sure?

@Ian_Chimp . On the section inspired by a piece of clothing.
I was attempting to attach a photo and the section has frozen with odd shapes in a pattern in the text box. I have to close the sight to get back out after opening it again. Tried a few times now.?

Every time i try to open the thread it is frozen at the same point and i have to close the app to get out of it ?

I dread to think what picture you’re trying to upload. :slight_smile:

Everything works okay when I try. :thinking: Not sure what to suggest. You could try going to your drafts in your menu and using the dustbin icon to delete the offending one from there?

Dont worry it was nothing untoward.
Ok ill give that a go.

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Thanks that did the trick…just seemed to have stuck everything. Sorted now

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Shame :joy::joy::joy: x

Thank you x

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