Monster Bites

Bites size stories to get your creative juices flowing.
Feel free to add your own to the menagerie.

:smiling_imp: Robot maintenece and handling

buying a broken sex bot on ebay had seemed like a good idea at the time. The price was so deeply discounted it really was hard to resist. repairing it had seemed strait forward, but something must have gone wrong somewhere as things weren’t quite going as planned. being bent over the workbench certainly wasn’t how you expected today would go, you thought as it stroked you through your trousers…not that you where complaining.

:smiling_imp: Data collection

unidentified alien lab sample sigma-B had escaped its containment. You weren’t sure if it needed a host, if it was in some sort of mating cycle or was simply curious. You should collect data, But right now you really couldn’t care less. all you can do is moan as you come again. At some point you’d lost count of the exact number, all you knew is you didn’t want it to end.

:smiling_imp: what lurks beneath the waters

the picturesque pool was so tempting after a long hike you just couldn’t resist grabbing a swim in it. But unbeknownst to you, something lives in the water and it doesn’t get many visitors. Especially such good looking ones

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:smiling_imp: a desperate situation

the creatures that took you captive have fed you aphrodisiacs. You knew you shouldn’t have eaten that strangely shaped fruit. Now all you can think of is…well, under their loincloths. Its only a matter of time before you crack and maul one of them. Forget escape, you have other more pressing needs to be concerned with at the moment

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