March spicy book club (novella)

Hey everyone, thought it might be fun to put up a book club thing.

If we do one a month it gives everyone lots of time to read through it.
Novellas seem like a good place to start as they’re a nice manageable length if people are buisy.

Also a nice way to see how other people go about writing short erotica (because i dont know about you lot, but i am not going to be writing a book anytime soon)

This months book options are
The stranger by abigail barnette
( m/f one night stand, spanking, some very light bondage, anal. Age gap)

Her best laid plans by Cara mckenna
(m/f holiday romance)

(If people think having 2 options, incase people aren’t into the first, is better i can always put a second one up too. One book + one novella is also an option if some people want something longer)


I have downloaded the book! :partying_face:

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Whoo! :raised_hands:
Actually interested to see what everyone thinks of it. I know its a prequel but it does stand on its own. The boss series its from are actually the first decent erotic novels i ever read. Worth a look if you like bdsm (i preferred her by the numbers series as i found the bdsm a bit heavy for me after about book 2.) do read the triggers if you want to give the main series a go but theyr worth a look.

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Ill try and get it for my kindle


“So, what, are you, like, from England or something?”
“No, this is the accent I use when I’m trying to pick up women in airports.”


Glad your enjoying it :smile:

Right, because i am a complete idiot and forgot there was such a big age gap in the novella, and as the prequil is so much earlier than the main series that the heroine is 18 in this book i have shoved a second one up so there is an alternative if people are not up for that.
Sorry :woman_facepalming:

Ps. Looks like the first book of this series by Abigail barnette, “the boss” is going free on kindle at the mo. So if you did like it and want to read the next one, now is a good time to snap up a free copy.


So, it being vaguely a month-ish from when i posted this how did everyone get on with them?
Did you like them, loathe them, loose the will to live or decide to read something else by the same author afterwards?

Hopefully they where good picks :crossed_fingers: and you all enjoyed at least one of them.

I really like abigail barnettes writing style. I feel she writes very believable characters that you want to get to know kore about, and sex scenes that feel indepth and not just like a film script. (You guys may disagree with me though :laughing:)

This is probably cara mckenna’s lightest book. She usually writes more kink and heavier plot twists in them. But its sweet and i love both the main characters even if it is a tad bit instalove