Hi I'm wildflower

Just realised I barged straight in here without an introduction!
So better late than never…

Hi everyone, I’m wildflower :blush:


Hello and welcome @wildflower :slightly_smiling_face:

I like your profile picture. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thanks @Ian_Chimp. I realised after reading through the rules that lingerie pics on the profiles aren’t encouraged so I changed mine.
My profile pic is a Slow Loris…cute but deadly apparently!

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Hi @wildflower , I love your Loris!

I have a question, do you have stories about a Dollhouse and The Human Society or am I getting you confused with someone else? The ones I’ve read are very well written either way and I’d recommend them.

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Hi @Peitho, Thanks, the Loris is so sweet!

Yeah , you’re getting me confused with someone else. The Dollhouse one does sound familiar to me too but I can’t think who wrote it.

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Hi @wildflower . Pleased to join you on Flicklit.