Hi, I'm Peitho 👋


Better late than never… my first ever forum introduction post.

I’m Peitho, Greek Goddess of Seduction and Persuasion :dove:
…and a lie straight out the bat, I’m most definitely not but I like her name and associations and think she’d be a positive addition to an Erotic Literature forum.

I am a newbie to creative writing in general and have managed no erotic writing thus far. I can’t get the hang of it at the moment but I’m hoping I can pick up tips from the experts and reading other people’s stories once this forum gets fully underway.

You can hear me reading a couple of my very short stories from the LH role play game in the Audio Pilot topic. If you can’t see that topic but would like to join the Audio Test Group and have a listen then click @audio-creators with a link to join the fun :+1:.


Hello and welcome @Peitho :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there @Peitho !! :wave::grin:

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Hi @Peitho I didn’t know that’s what your name meant; that’s cool.

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Yeh, I’m a big fan of the Ancient Greek Myths and Legends. Their Gods and Goddesses had way more fascinating existances than today’s. Scandal, Adventure, Heroes, Lust and Orgies - what’s not to love?

Enjoyed reading them since I was a kid but probably solidified growing up watching and wanting desperately to be Xena, Warrior Princess… had a definite crush on Ares too! :rofl: