Hi, I'm Maz

Hi all, have been introduced to this by @Iwill
I look forward to reading and maybe contributing something.


Hi @Maz1965 . Welcome to the forum…it is great fun to write about erotic fantasies or real life experiences.
There is also a break room for general chat and recommendations, as well as word games and unusual words of the day.
As i said on LH , you seem to have an erotic turn of phrase, so you should fit right in here.
Have a read through some of the stories and youll get an idea.
We do really need additional contributors, so any fantasies or real adventures will be greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to reading any ideas you have…


Here are two pieces by @New2 and myself @Iwill . Just to give you some idea of the type of erotic writing posted so far.



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Hello and welcome @Maz1965 :slight_smile:

Really glad to have you onboard. :+1:

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Hi @Maz1965 :wave:
Welcome to FlickLit

Still a little community at the moment but hopefully we’re going to grow. If you have creative erotica in you pulsating to get out you’re in the right place :wink::+1:t2:


@Maz1965 . I think its important to stress , no offering has to be a polished and refined literary masterpiece.
Just put your thoughts in to words… i think its more real that way.

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There’s a broad range of styling you can choose to write in. I wouldn’t necessarily say one is better than another as a lot will come down to personal preference. The topics in Erotic Fiction have unlimited edits for the first post as well, so you don’t have to get it exactly as you want it in the first draft - there’s plenty of room to refine your initial ideas if you feel like it. :+1:

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Hi there and welcome :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

@Maz1965 , hello and welcome and lovely to have new members (no pun intended :relaxed:) and hope you enjoy yourself here x.

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