Hi! I'm KinkyMira

Hi everyone,

I’m KinkyMira. I’m a Sex Blogger, blogging about my life and experiences (https://kinkymira.com if you are interested). I starting doing this, after I realised I was rubbish at making stuff up, but when I wrote about real-life happenings, I was good at it. Turns out I had quite a few real-life experiences I could write about (after initially thinking I was pretty boring).

I don’t just write porn, I try to inspire and educate a little on some issues. But it is mostly sex and kink. My blog has been live for 3 1/2 years now, and is building up a regular and loyal following.

I’m very happy to be part of this community, as these days, I get turned on much more by the written word than by visual porn. See you around!

Mira xx


Hello and welcome @KinkyMira :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey kinkymira, great to see you here and great intro!

You was the first name that came to mind when I heard about this fab new forum :heartbeat: your sex life is far from boring that’s for sure, it’s frikin awesome :smirk:

I’ve a couple of questions if you don’t mind, anything that you’re not comfortable to answer please don’t hesitate to tell me :+1:

You have obviously got an immense relationship with your hubs with excellent trust and communication between the two of you which is key for adding additional people into the relationship n having endeavours which is applaudable.

I’m really interested to know how smooth bringing Victoria/Vicky into your partnership went?

Are you all now equal partners or is it a sexual element only?

Have you had any problems with jealousy or is that something that concerns you for the future?

I hope that you don’t mind me asking n aren’t offered by anything cos that’s in no way my intention. Pretty sure there’s nothing that looks that way however, it can be difficult to get things across well on a keyboard :+1::kissing_heart::heartbeat:

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Hi @AlysssViews

I’m not offended by what you’ve asked at all, and I’ll try to answer your questions. My blog is all about openness and honesty after all (as well as sex)!

My husband and I have this amazing relationship, built on respect and support. This whole thing with other people is something we stumbled on, and each other has a total veto on anything that is going on.

So I basically ignored my love of women for a decade. I tried to be the good one-man woman. It didn’t work. I never cheated, but had this draw that I could never put away. I had this sense of dread when I got with my husband that this would go the same way as other relationships. But we’ve always been able to talk about stuff (sometimes needing care because your body fails isn’t an easy topic).

So when I was telling him, he was very supportive of me reconnecting with my lesbian side. But then of course, I was thinking about him. He’d always had multiple women on the go (all above board - they each knew there were others and there were very few relationships other than for sex and friendship). So I began to think about a situation where we could both fuck the same woman. It all started there.

We had the sex parties where the women fucked each other, but the men only fucked their own women, and moved on from there. It was there I really got the bug for sexual acts in front of an audience (although I did some of that at uni, but had put out of my mind how much I enjoyed it).

Now Vicki was never intended to happen. She started out as casual sex with us both (terms she wanted as much as us), We were getting closer and I was happy about that and wondering how the relationship could develop, but then I got ill, and Vicki got amazing, helping us both to cope with what I was going through. Everything changed, and the relationship became what it is now. So now, we are equal partners, and because each of us are selfless, it really works. For me, a relationship has always been about support as well as sex, and Vicki does that in spades. Getting close to Vicki in the first place just happened over time. Bringing her full time into our lives was a no brainer, given what had happened, and it is one of the best decisions I ever made.

You would have thought there would be jealousy, but there really isn’t. I know I’ll get mine soon enough, so all is good. More than anything, I love watching people fuck in real life. On screen porn doesn’t do it for me now - never really did if I’m honest. Real sex you can reach out and touch does. That and the written word.

And of course, there are others for more casual sex as well. More of that on the blog in the coming months, although you already know about Laura, and I will soon get to repost about Paula (which you might have read first time round).

And one of these days, we’ll get another man or two. Husband has told me I’m going to get DPed, spit roasted and ultimately airtight, long term things I want to get ticked off. (Done them with his cock and strapons attached to women, but not yet with other actual men). But we struggle finding men more than women, so it hasn’t happened yet. It will, I’m sure of that.

Feel free to ask anything else

Love, Mira xx


Thank you Mira for such a full and open answer.

I really admire you and am so pleased you’ve got a set up that works perfectly for you… and future adventures still to come.

Within my own relationship so far we have not experienced sex with any third party but I can see this happening and I would be fine with it at a sex party or swingers club. On a sex only basis I don’t think I would get jealous just turned on because I am quite a voyeur and exhibitionist but I don’t think I could handle a friend, male or female, being a third party and certainly not inviting someone else fully into our relationship. To be honest, just the two of us is sometimes claustrophobic :joy:.

I think it’s brilliant that you have Vicki and a relationship where you can all support each other :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


@Peitho I think that is the interesting thing. There being three actually gives us more chance to get some space. So in fact, it feels less claustrophobic to me.


I was half afraid to check back in here incase I’d been too full on in asking :see_no_evil:

What an amazing relationship you’ve got with both your lady and man. Thank goodness for the era we live in where we can have love for more than one person m enjoy a relationship out of it, sublime :kissing_heart: So ultimately if I’m getting this right :thinking: you taken a leap of faith with your relationship with hubs at the start, prior to discussing the sex parties and that. I bet yous both did a happy dance when getting into all the sexual adventures you’re wanting to explore :slightly_smiling_face:

You have to have a seriously trusting relationship which is wonderful m I can’t thank you enough for sharing your adventures along with the ins and outs as we are too closed off to sex in general in the uk. Reading your life experiences is really refreshing n I love how you’ve chosen to share your journey, thank you :kissing_heart:

I love that Vicky kinda just fell into your laps without being pre-planned, that’s cool and really interesting :slightly_smiling_face: so you’s never thought about having another equal in the relationship previously, just casual sex until you’s saw a lot of the benefits of Vicky being there giving you both the support you needed when you were poorly, sorry to hear you wasn’t well for awhile :pensive: I think it says a lot about her selfless nature being there supporting you both as a lot of situations friends are more supportive of one party. yeah I definitely can imagine trust n selfless being key ingredients. It has to be a key element to the relationship, any relationship needs trust. But working as a trio somebody with more selfish needs n desires probably wouldn’t work aswell as three selfless beings that always put eachothers feelings n needs first. I imagine that’s a biggie on how you’s are a functioning relationship in synch with each other.

I love that you’ve found something so precious that works terrifically, n that your intentions weren’t to bring Vicky the relationship is all the more original cos it’s not often you hear about people that don’t go looking for another partner to bring in.

Thank you for sharing, your life’s really interesting. I am totally blown away how you’ve gone out and got exactly what you’s are wanting n still are. Most people only dream of having these experiences and you’re so kind to tell all us lucky lot, thanks again mira :+1::kissing_heart::heartbeat:

Btw it’s taken half the day to come and check for your reply n a good couple of hours of writing, deleting n rewriting before coming up with something so fingers crossed the replies ok :ok_hand:

And there are still copious errors I’m attempting to edit out, apologies :kissing_heart::heartbeat:

@AlysssViews I do realise how lucky I am, and I sort of vowed to myself not to waste it. Prior to my husband, I spent many vary unhappy years, being abused by family and partners, denying who I really was, living in places I didn’t want to live in.

Then this bloke turned up who I was really interested in, and I never expected him to be interested in me. Yet he was, and I wasn’t going to let that slip by. So beyond my wildest dreams, I end up with someone who really truly loves me, someone who lets me fly rather than holding me down. Someone who bigs me up rather than puts me down.

This didn’t start out as being about sex. This started out about living (with some regular type sex), but it ended up so much more. He discovered my inner kink and nurtured it, and in a way, I did the same for him.

So after all those years on unhappiness, I’m enjoying every second of happiness, embracing every sex and kink opportunity, trying everything I can whilst being supported. I’m not wasting this. I’m taking every second, every fuck, every opportunity to watch, every single one.


I’m burbling my words at the moment, but I think asking questions about the subject of the writing is cool. :+1: As long as it’s kept respectful, and people can decline to answer if it’s too personal.

Hopefully that makes sense/reassures you a little. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I’m pretty relaxed about these things. Believe me, if I didn’t want to answer, I wouldn’t feel under pressure to answer and I wouldn’t answer. All was good @AlysssViews :heart:


Cheers for the heads up @Ian_Chimp if ever I come across as disrespectful I’d be disgusted, more intrusive like making anybody feel uncomfortable by asking questions. I love people n hearing their life stories :+1::heartbeat:

You know yourself you deserve to have the incredible love you’ve got n what you said about your hubby not pulling you back he lets you fly really is inspirational stuff :smirk:

It’s sad but past experiences make us what we are but there’s a big choice to make, either to thrive - become the best version of ourselves or simply survive. I believe we all go through difficulties to test us. How we bounce back and turn things arounds what matters. We don’t have to let the past define us n you’re doing the best thing anybody can do by sticking two fingers up at those who abused you :+1::slightly_smiling_face: that can inspire so many people you know. I find it very heart warming seeing a lot of people of all genders speaking out about their experiences with abuse.

It’s scandalous how many people suffer abuse! you know the worst things when people who are uneducated and say “why didn’t you leave” “why stay so long”, things along those lines. Those things make me super mad! Can I ask, would you agree that being abused by parents led you to end up in abusive relationships? I ask because I’ve a similar background with abusive parents n I jumped into an abusive relationship for awhile :pensive: now I’ve also changed the cycle n my hubs encourages me to always do what I want. Honestly I didn’t think good people existed, then when I had no interest in anybody for sex or a relationship he came along n swept me off my feet :heart:

Sorry for writing a lot about myself on your page, I wanted to give something back after everything that you’ve divulged and the fear that nobody will reply if I started a page takes over :see_no_evil:

Go you bab, for taking life by the short n curly’s by finding those soulmates, having incredible relationships, doing exactly what you want to n experiencing everything that life has to offer​:+1::kissing_heart::heartbeat:

P.s the right house will come along making all the hassle and stress worth it :+1:to

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