Hey it’s MsSub


Finally made my way over here. I’ve gotten back into writing fanfic, albeit one story with a particular pairing but might give more a go :blush:


Hello and welcome to FlickLit @MsSubExperimenter :slightly_smiling_face: :blob_wave:

Very glad to see you on here - and especially if you find it useful to get the oomph to write more erotica. :slight_smile:

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@MsSubExperimenter . Nice to have you on board, welcome. Look forward to reading anything you care to offer.

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Hi @MsSubExperimenter :wave:
Lovely to see you here, I seem to be on a complete hiatus from writing (and disgracefully reading!) at the moment. I’m very glad your muse has returned :clap::clap::clap:

Hi there @MsSubExperimenter :slightly_smiling_face: