Hello from me

Hello, some may recognise me from LH. I hope to gain knowledge of this particular style of writing and look forward to reading others work whilst creating my own.


Hello and welcome to Flicklit @Pootle :blob_wave: :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome.
Let us know what you think of our stories

@Pootle . Hi and welcome. Hope you enjoy what you read and look forward to reading your own pieces.

Hi there and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello and welcome and we hope you enjoy yourself and here as much as we do x.

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Hi im Dave… loving reading your stories and experiences. Am on LH one but now i found this. Ive writting quite a few stories but have never found a way to get any feedback other than from the OH. Very excited to be here.

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You can post your erotic fiction in the “Erotic fiction” section or your true stories in “Escapades in your younger days”

Thank you… im going to have a read of them first then just go for it and post away… I struggle with my phone so will do it on LT. Thanks for your help.

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@Dave123 hello and welcome. We hope you enjoy being on here as much as we do and please join in and looking forward to reading your comments and experiences.