Hello everyone

Hi Guys,

Looking forwatd to meeting you all and exploring.


Hello and welcome and we hope you enjoy yourself on here.

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@FingerLickinGood . Hi and welcome…looking forward to reading any erotic stories or experiences you may have.

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Thank you guys.

I will see what I can do.

There are a few fantasy stories tried to write, that I ended up deleting for fear of them being found on my laptop by other family members.

What do you guys do to keep things safe?
Or is it not a problem you have.

@FingerLickinGood . You can compose on the forum and leave open to edit as much as you like before posting.

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Yes that is what we do and looking forward to your submissions.

Hello and welcome @FingerLickinGood :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi and welcome

@Moveover . Hi and welcome.

Hi @FingerLickinGood :wave:
Welcome to FlickLit!

Not a problem I have, I just use my phone for everything and thankfully we don’t have a house full of little eyes peeking into everything :rofl:

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