Flicklit acceptable to read by non members on internet

@Ian_Chimp . Why is Flicklit available for non members to read . I thought it was only for members.??
I cant say im that happy about this.!!

@Ian_Chimp . Maybe im a bit naive , but didnt think the submissions of members would be open to genesal public.
If this is going to be ongoing, id like to close my membership and request all entries i submitted to be deleted.

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I’m not sure I’m following? The Erotic Fiction categories are only visible to account-holders. Is there something that would make you think otherwise?

I was able to read posts without being signed in.
At the bottom of the posts visible , it says
" you are not signed in, create an account to read more " etc etc

@Ian_Chimp . It looks like you can’t read read erotic fiction , but the other areas are open… Favorite fantasies for example
Why is anyone who hasnt signed up , able to read anything at all ?

: Discourse sites may be private or public for anyone to read, but you will always be required to register in order to create posts and record any actions such as bookmarking, liking, tagging, and flagging. Most site activity, therefore, is based around registered .

Sorry , ive just read the basic terms of use again.
Would it not be better to be set as private, then anyone who wants to be involved has to sign up.
I understand non members cant post anything, but what is the reason to allow any non member access.?

This sounds like it’s working properly. :+1:

I’m afraid I don’t have any plans to make this a login only site. I feel it would give the wrong impression of why the site exists, and the hope is that there will be lots of topics that people would find useful and interesting to read (and encourage people to sign up).

@Ian_Chimp . I dont agree it would give the wrong impression, if a foreword gave an insight to the,reason for the sight.
I will have to think if i wish to contribute further.
It just caught me unawares when seeing posts on a general web search.
I appreciate that everything is anonymous, but did make me feel a bit uneasy.

Hi @Iwill , it is exactly the same as Lovehoney in that posts are open to non-members, same as they are there. For example the “When did you last masturbate/have sex?” threads there which sometimes get rather graphic are open to all members of the public registered with the site or not.

Here, since the erotic writing threads can get as graphic as you like you have to be signed in and a registered member to read them, in part just so it ensures anyone reading is over the age of 18 but also to give contributors more control over the material.

I think I agree with @Ian_Chimp that it is better if the non erotic writing sections stay open because then people get a feel of the site and what it’s about before signing up for an account which I think is a lot more welcoming. As you say, everyone is annonymous and I think it just gives a feel of the place.

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@Peitho . Yes i did realise about LH… i was just taken aback slightly regarding this forum on open access.
I have been guilty of being slightly graphic on the other areas of the forum other than the erotic fiction. I will certainly be more careful in future.
I think i probably thought of Flicklit more of a private members forum.

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Hmm, it is in the Welcome topic that only the erotic writing section is members only (though I think Audio is too?). Perhaps we need to make the Welcome more obvious so hopefully people read that before anything else? :thinking:

A side note - I have been silly busy the last few weeks but have time set aside this afternoon to catch up on the reading I’ve missed. Looking forward to reading “Anything for a Friend” and “A Friend Indeed” later. I hope you don’t decide to leave us.


@Peitho . I have enjoyed the forum very much… I think the realisation of public access caught me unawares, although in hindsight it shouldn’t have.
I think seeing my comments on the open internet ruffled me , that was all.
Thanks for your encouraging words.

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