Favourite Erotic Novels/Authors

If you have a favourite erotic book or author, please share your recommendations here. :slight_smile:

If you could include a little about why you like it/them, that would be really helpful too - and please mention if there’s anything a reader might need to know before they begin (eg. themes of non-consent, etc).

And don’t forget about the Spoiler feature if you feel parts of what you’re describing are giving too much away. :slight_smile: (You can find it in the :gear: icon in your reply window)


I love a good sexy book. Have read my way through quite a few in the past couple of years. Personal faves include…

Cara mckenna, tiffany reisz, charlotte stein, abigail barnette (i love her by the numbers series) are all gorgously written, plenty of sex with good stories.

The rest of these all have great sex scenes but have more story inbetween the erotica.

For aliens, katy evans, tiffany roberts, s.j.sanders and olivia riley do super stuff. I also adore the saving askara series by J.M.Link
Recently started reading tammy walsh’s books. Read the trigger warnings on these ones, but theyr good reads with very interesting plots.
For Historical i love emily windsor, amelie howard, eloisa james, stacy reid, tessa dare.

More modern stuff katee roberts, christina lauren, katy evans, louise bay, laurelin page. Sally throne. Claire kent

Some amazing Fantasy writers are nalini Singh, laura thalassa (sometimes dark but so good. The bargainer series is amazing). , Sara. J. Maas (just amazing books. Wow), kathryn anne kingsley (dark, definitely read the trigger warnings on hers, but oh so good), annette marie (amazing world building).
Scarlett st.clair’s hades and Persephone (starts with “a touch of darkness”) series is also a stunner

For male/male i like k.L.heirs (as a bonus, acsquidentally in love has the best tentacle sex scenes ive ever read too). Lyn gala is also a stunnig writer.
For m/m erotic shorts, m.syrix and lydia sebastian write amazing stuff. So hot.

Reverse harem: katee roberts and kathryn moon do amazingly well written stuff, with a good plot to boot.

Androids: circuit heart by d.s.wrights, tangled wires by lillian lark and Good deeds by kathryn moon

Non standard but amazing stuff,
-C.M.nascosta (amazing storys about f/monster romances. Lots of heart. Seriously worth a look)
-“Earth husband are odd” by lyn gala. An sweet and really lovely story about two people who fall in love under unusual situation. One of whome just happens to be an alien squid critter. Dont let the fact its mpreg put you off, its light, funny and really worth a read. M/nb
-“Beyond the stars” by melody johnson. Im not usually a fan on the alien pet trope, but this one is done really sweetly, is written well and not done in an off putting way like others ive tried to read. Has a nice complex plot with lots of layers and good world building. Very Worth giving a try.
-“Demon lover” by heather guerre. If incubi are your thing. This is a good one.
-The Vandalar concubines series by v.K.ludwig. They just made me laugh. Light, frothey, feelgood. Contains sexy aliens.
-Chace verity’s books. Very inhuman nonhumans.
-“love laugh lych” by Kate prior. I just loved it. Such a fun setup and writing style.
-angrboda and abe E seedy’s transformation shorts, that can be found on their web page monstrousdoctor.com (18+ tf short stories and some erotic art. Nsfw) and itch.io . (Digital shop for, besides other things, short stories. Contains some of their free stuff too. Safe for work) Really well written, many free stories. Good art.

Not erotica but read it anyway.
-Three days in undead shoes by dee J holmes. The zombie book i wish someone would make a film of. Contains adorable dog (that doesnt die)
-Sylvia mercedes of sunfire and shadow series
-michelle rowans “living in eden” series. Fun, great reads, not too heavy, contains adorable demon.
-elise kova’s “married to magic” series. Fair warning, i didnt get on with most of her other stuff ive tried, but her latest series is just really well written with nice world building and characters i loved.

:sweat_smile: well, that should keep all of you buisy for five minutes…well, ok, Maybe a bit longer. But hopefully theres something for everyone in there.

Ps. Yes, my book taste is stupidly eclectic.


Wow , you are an avid reader of the erotic.
You may be the go to critic.:smile:

:laughing: Just an avid reader in general really. Always have been to be honest. Im just rather picky when it comes to books (though i will read lighter fluffy stuff too, just like it to be well written with a decent plot and believable characters) :woman_shrugging:

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Ooh, found another good series guys. The secrets of charlotte street by Scarlett Peckham. Only three books so far but theyr fun, sexy, kinky and have great plots with nice layers and good characters i loved. Hoping the author writes more as i am almost through the second one already