Christmas frolics

Hi and festive greetings to all members.
Would anyone care to relate some of their own specifically Christmas sexual encounters.

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I unexpectedly ended up in bed with a barmaid of my local pub. Following a Christmas party night in the pub.
She shared a house with an other couple.
We were in her bed shagging frantically, when we heard the front door being opened, then running up stairs and lots of giggling.
We had frozen mid ride.
There was a lot of bumping about noises and then their headboard sounded like it was coming through the wall from their room.
They were going for it full throttle .
The barmaid i was with said " sod it" and we tried to out do them.
I had got up and left in the morning, before her house mates got up, so didnt have to engage with them…she told me later there was embarrassed smiles all round.