Writing a Sex Blog: Introduction


I’m KinkyMira and I’m a sex blogger. I still smile when I write that. I’ve been blogging for 3½ years now and am building up a regular and loyal following.

When I started writing, I didn’t really have a goal or focus, and I had a number of false starts. I have always enjoyed reading erotic works; in fact, I’m far more turned on by the written word than by videos or stills.

I wanted to get into writing, but the results were not very good. The profound discovery I made was that I was rubbish at making things up, but when I wrote about real-life happenings, I was good at it.

I started posting blog entries on a shared site, which was going quite well until one day, the site disappeared and never returned.

So, having decided I wanted to carry on (and luckily finding I had all my posts backed up), I then got into the world of web hosting and WordPress (via others on the way). That wasn’t part of the plan. However, it has turned out quite well, as the shared site broke me in slowly, so it wasn’t overwhelming when I had to do the whole thing. (I’m also married to a techie who knows his way round this stuff, so that helped).

I don’t just write porn; I try to inspire and educate a little on some issues. But it is mostly sex and kink, blogging about my life and experiences. It turns out I had (and continue to have) quite a few real-life experiences I could write about (after initially thinking I was pretty boring), and so did some of those people mentioned in the blog. If you want to have a read, it is at https://kinkymira.com. There are currently around 60 posts live, with another 20 ready to go (mostly historic ones being republished) and a good number more in development.

My plan over the coming months is to write some posts here specifically about writing an erotic or sex blog. I had to learn the hard way, so I am hoping I can save you some of the hassle. There is way more to think about than I realised, but actually, a lot of it is just thought and decisions.

I’ll also talk about the writing process, and some ways you can improve the quality of your blog posts. I’m sure a lot of people will not use my process, but some of the ideas may work for you.

We have also designed a mechanism here at FlickLit for you to be able to use this as an incubator, a community who can appraise your posts and perhaps help you to make decisions, and to post some finished blog posts too.

So, if you are interested in channelling your creative juices into a sex blog, please keep an eye out for my posts in the “Resources and Inspiration” category, and I’ll try to answer any questions you have as well.

Love Mira xxx


This is great. :+1: I think a lot of people will find these topics really useful, and I know I’ll be following with interest. :slightly_smiling_face: