Hi I’m Promega

Hi Everyone. I’m another poster from the LH forum. Male, mid 30s. May have also been guilty of writing more erotic than straight to the point matter of fact posts there though. I’m trying to be more pro-active in my fantasies as, due to the allure of porn, I feel I’ve kind of lost the ability to fantasise. This seems like a great place to re-connect with that.


Hi @Promega . I think that is a very well made point.
Porn can be really enjoyable, but some of the best visual images i have enjoyed, have come from my own minds eye…looking forward to reading your imaginative or real life experiences in words.


Hi @Promega :wave:
Welcome to Flicklit!

I think these are very good points. To be honest reading erotic liturature, for me, is more of a turn on than most visual porn probably because my mind then does fill in the details in the way most alluring to me. Feel free to write as erotic as you like in the Erotic Fiction section here (Called fiction but blogs are also welcome!). As long as it’s legal your pretty much good :+1:t2:.

I look forward to your contributions.

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Hello and welcome @Promega :slightly_smiling_face:

I found writing an erotic story to be a bit like edging. :slightly_smiling_face: The time you spend working on it, going back over it, making all the changes, tweaks and additions, etc just keeps you in that mental zone for far longer than watching a video, or even reading a similar length story. I also shared bits with Mrs Chimp as I went, and by the time I was ‘finished’[1] she went off like a fire-cracker. :slightly_smiling_face: It was pretty intense.

  1. I say ‘finished’, but there’s always chance for a redraft :slightly_smiling_face: ↩︎


@Ian_Chimp . I totally agree. I have never attempted any kind of writing previously, erotic or otherwise. I really have found this so stimulating.

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It’s definitely something I would recommend. :slightly_smiling_face:

And I’ve boosted you to TL2 @Promega, so you can start sharing your own pieces as soon as you’re ready. :+1:

Hi, welcome to flicklit :wave:
Great to see new people joining

Hi @Promega and welcome to Flicklit.

I get much more arousal from writing than I ever do from porn these days. Like @Ian_Chimp said, the process is a bit like edging, and when you get it right, it is amazing.


Hi there and welcome @Promega :wave:

Great, thanks everyone for the welcome. I’ll look forward to getting the creative juices flowing, as it were. Have a few ideas/dreams and IRL experiences I’ve had over the years that would more than fit the bill.


Hi @Promega . Sorry i hadnt noticed your post earlier. Welcome.
We look forward to your creations and real life experiences.

@Promega hello and we are looking forward to reading your fantasies or real life experiences as no one on here will criticise and will offer encouragement.

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