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@Ian_Chimp . Ive just started to get Malware warnings when on the flitlick site…can you shed any light ?

In what way? Could you give me a bit more detail on what warnings you get and from where?

@Ian_Chimp . I have an AVG vpn on my phone.
A black message box appears on screen from AVG with red coloured text ,saying malware detected .

I cannot see how that is possible? Is there any more information the warning can provide? And when did it first show up?

First time was a day or two ago. I tried to screen shot it, but it disappeared quickly.
Ive done a deep scan with AVG app, which showed no concerning results.?
Nothing else running at the same time.

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There’s nothing showing on any of my devices, or on the server itself. :thinking:

It’s really unlikely to be anything with the site. We only use official customisations, and I’m the only one with admin or server access. Though it may be picking up on something as a false positive, which I’d still like to clear up.

I’ve updated the site in case that helps, but if you could keep track of it and see if you can find more detail if it shows up again it might give more of a clue.

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@Ian_Chimp . An over sensitivity of the security app did cross my mind…
This was more or less the image that has come up…malware detected with option to continue.??

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Wording was different